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Club 5 is an entity by Mark 5 Films to provide a platform for film and arts buffs to come together, discuss arts, cinema and do much much more. And without much adieu, we present to you the charter of our activities:

  • Film Screenings: We do not just screen boring world cinema films. We have a collection of the most daring, most entertaining and yes, the most thought-provoking films from a variety of countries. From French New Wave to Italian Neorealism; from contemporary Iranian to old Finnish cinema, we have it all for you. And what’s more, our panel of experts will make post screening discussions even more fun. Imagine after a tiring week, you have a day of an exciting film from Germany, rounded off with beers, german food and good company. Thats what is in store for you.
  • Technical support & subsidies: Ya, you heard it right! We have a storehouse of the best and latest equipment that can be made available to club members at subsidized rates. You may have an idea and would like to produce your own film. But isn’t making a film a lot of money?! Well, at Club 5, it isn’t. Just give us your requirement list, and we’ll make sure that you get what you need. And it doesn’t end there. You can access our huge database of writers, directors, camerapersons and editors to form your own film crew. Making you own film was never so easy.
  • Filmmaking Workshops: Well, if you are  novice and don’t know how to make a film, you can attand any of our numerous workshops to gain technical know-how. And then go back to the previous point to access our resources to become the filmmaker you always wanted to.
  • Mentorship programme: Even though you might have all the know-how, you still might be struggling to get a foothold in the media industry. Our mentorship programme takes care of that. We will find you jobs. If you are an actor, we’ll send you to auditions. If you are a writer, we’ll register your script and find you the right producers. And hey if we like it, we might just produce it ourselves. See we are not all just about fun and games. We take our work and yours very seriously.
  • Media Nights: These are not just events where people get cheap alcohol and drown their sorrows. These are interaction and networking parties where you can meet other high fliers from this industry and make your contacts. We have all the right connections that you desire.

So what are you waiting for?! Register with us today. Email:


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