Personal Training Course

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Film Making Course

LEARN Acting, Direction, Camera And Script writing

Make a film with your personal Mentor


Cinema One to One is a first of its kind, a unique Three month long film training course that combines filmmaking mentoring with manifesting to get to know the art of filmmaking in real life scenarios.  

We will combine our expertise and knowledge of both to lead a class of filmmakers on how to best use their minds and their talents to bring their projects to fruition

These sessions will also help you to get you on track and keep you moving forward daily with some thing new to explore in the area of filmmaking.  When you have completed the course, you will be 100% confident you can make a film or at least assist some one with confidence

There will be 3 personal one-on-one Sessions (one each month) as well as 3 group meetings (two each month).   

In these sessions, you will be asked to be on your own by us in the different fields of filmmkaing. So get ready for your first on Job Training.

Acting - Filmmaking course - institute delhi

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