Notice Board




We are happy to announce that our new batch starting in June and July , 2022. is full. Thanks for your patience and applicants who could not get seats available in June – July will be shifted to October, 2022 and November, 2022 batches. Please follow the procedures as soon as possible to avoid inconvenience. Thanks and Happy Filming.

Now no need to wait for new batches or new dates any-more. You can join in our newly launched film training programmes at any point of time** 

CINEMA 121Newly Launched Film Training Programmes 

  1. Cinema One to One. A next level personal training programme.
  2. Cinematography Course – Personal Training
  3. Cinematography and Filmmaking – Personal Training
  4. Video Editing Course – Personal Training
  5. Video Editing and Filmmaking – Personal Training
  6. Screenplay Writing – Personal Training

Call: 09971988936 (M)

Limited Seats. Strictly on first come first serve basis.


  • People who had failed to get seats for earlier batches, please send your applications again.
  • Forms are available by email or appointment only.

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